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Spa and Sanatorium treatment

Spa and Sanatorium treatment

Each of us aspires to reach the maximum heights in the life, but no victories are comparable with such invaluable gift as health. It is necessary for organism to allow to have a rest. And in this case sanatorium resort treatment is a good choice.

All of us read J. K.Dzheroma «Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)». In this book you will find excellent description of the portrait of the traveler behind health. «Everything that is necessary for us — is rest. Rest and complete change of the situation …The overstrain of the brain caused the general weakening of nervous system.

Change of the environment and lack of need to think will restore intellectual balance». Having made the decision, \"Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)\", started to travel. Speaking about the diseases it is not so acceptable nowadays, and in informal conversations people usually speak about their plans for the holidays and where it is better to spend vacation with advantage for health: in SPA, the wellness - center, or in the old manner to go on the resort.

Efficiency of such rest mainly depends on the resort choice. Treatment on waters is known for a long time. In the age the Roman Empire it was considered that it is possible to restore forces in the hot springs. Since then passed nearly two thousand years, but the urgency of restoration of forces in thermal sources didn\'t disappear. Europe is a lawmaker in development of resorts. It is possible to consider The Golden Age of development of resorts the period from the middle of XVII to the middle of the XIX centuries.

However up to the end of the XIX century to treat people went not to the resorts, but to the waters - to Europe or to the Caucasus. Mineral waters were taken by certain techniques, and doctors prescribed them almost from all diseases. In America and countries of Western Europe for designation of the place with special medicinal waters usually added to the geographical name word \"spa\" , and in Eastern Europe and Russia, more often, – \"resort\".

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