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Beach rest

Beach rest

If you decided to change the situation, if beaches and azure sea water appear in dreams to you, it is just the right time to put a swimming suit, beach slippers, sombrero, sun-protection cream to the suitcase and go to the sea. In order to make that holiday successful it is important to know what is the difference between tours.

Rest with children on the sea and family sea tour can strongly differ. Because children\'s sea tour has a number of special requirements: existence of entertaining parks, shoal at the coast.

The Adriatic Sea — popular resorts: Croatia, Montenegro, lake of Ischia and Venetian Riviera (Italy), Slovenia.

The Baltic Sea — popular resorts: Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Estonia.

The Red Sea — popular resorts: Egypt, Israel, Jordan. The Red Sea is very warm and salty, differs from others because of a large number of the microalgas that are giving to water reddish color.

The Dead Sea — popular resort: Israel. This legendary sea contains 10 times more mineral salts than water of the World Ocean. Relatively low humidity of unusually clean air which is extremely rich with oxygen and compounds of bromine, at the increased atmospheric pressure creates a unique salutary microclimate. The contribution to it is brought by thermal dirt and sulfuric hot springs.

The Mediterranean Sea — popular resorts: Turkey, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Malta, Tunisia, France. The Mediterranean Sea is considered to be one of the warmest and saltiest seas. Today it is thought to be the homeland of classical thalassotherapy.

The Black sea - popular resorts: Bulgaria, Romania. Into structure of the Black Sea enters not only water with the raised content of chlorine and iodine, but also medical dirt, and also mineral waters. Air differs by almost 100 percent humidity.

The Aegean sea - popular resorts: Greece and Turkey. From Mediterranean the Aegean Sea is separated by some passages, probably therefore water here is less salty, and climate, although it is dry and quite hot, in some areas is softer.

Not all popular resorts are suitable for beach rest in the winter, and the majority of the suitable is situated rather far. However it is possible to take enjoy the beach rest in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Operators offer charter trips from Tallinn and Riga. The next region where it is possible to count on high-grade beach rest in the winter is South East Asia, additionally Thailand is one of the most popular places to visit. In the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket in the winter the weather is excellent, it is always possible to sunbathe and swim. However rest in Thailand is not so expensive compared to more distant countries. The country owns the developed tourist infrastructure and a set of sights which help to diversify beach rest. Now the competition to Thailand is made by resorts located nearby Vietnam and China but for the present these directions are not so popular. Malaysia which is also located nearby can offer high-quality rest, but the prices will be much higher. Beach rest on the island of Bali in Indonesia is even more expensive as Bali is considered one of the most known world centers of the elite tourism. If there is no need for strict economy, it is possible to recommend Malaysia or Indonesia.

The Caribbean Sea is known for the fine weather in a winter season, and tourists having rest here can estimate that. It is possible to have a rest in Cuba, in one of the most known resorts Varadero\'s that will cost a little cheaper, and it is possible to go to Dominican Republic on the island of Haiti.

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