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St. Peterline
Excursion in Tartu - the university city

Car (bus) excursion for the whole day. Tartu - the university capital of Estonia!

Trip to the swamps

Estonian swamps are great for hiking and picking berries

Rafting in estonia

Rafting is still relatively young in Estonia, but this kind of sport is attracting more and more people every year

Horse riding in estonia

Most of the farm type accommodations have horses, teach riding and trips are supervised by experienced trainers.

Manor houses of estonia

Car (bus) excursion for the whole day.

Public holidays & bank holidays in Estonia

Public holidays (and a day off) in Estonia:

Climate in Estonia

The weather in Estonia is largely dictated by its closeness to the Baltic sea. In the summer the skies are blue and temperatures can reach 30 ° Celcius and the summer average is a very pleasant 16.4 °C. In summer there can be 19 hours of daylight, known locally as the œwhite nights. Light rain can fall in spring and autumn so bring an umbrella and waterproof jacket. In winter the rain turns to snow when the temperature drops below zero (ideal skiing weather, great for sledging and building snowmen too!)  so wrap up warm. Medieval old town Tallinn is picture postcard perfect when the buildings are topped with snow. Some winters its even possible to drive on the ice roads constructed betweenthe islands. Cool breezes from the Baltic sea moderate the climate in spring and summer.


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